Monday, August 9, 2010

Sisi and the Colored Contacts-- Part 2



Regular readers recall that, about a month ago, Sisi asked for colored contacts lenses. My older daughter has two African American parents, perfect vision and beautiful deep brown eyes. I heard her request as an expression that brown eyes were less beautiful than blue ones-- and that African American features are less attractive than Caucasian ones-- and categorically refused.

At first.

Upon further reflection, however, I decided to treat the matter differently and allow her the same youthful experimentation that I have allowed her with her hair and her clothes. So we made an appointment with our family eye doctor (overdue anyway) and Si has been fitted with trial pairs of violet lenses.

Can you tell which of the two pictures above is with the contacts-- and which is without?

Good luck. I'll post an answer later in the week!


  1. I think she has them on in the bottom photo, but I have to say it was very difficult to tell.

    I think consistency is the key here. If I remember correctly, she once dyed her hair purple. I also think when parents don't make such a big deal out of what teens want and let them do the things that won't kill them that the teens are much better for it. How long do you want to bet that those contacts won't make it through the school year? ;)

    My primary concern would be the cost. I have no idea what a pair of contact lenses go for these days. Then again, you can say I let my daughter try out the contact lenses and it cost me $X. Then again, the thought of having her figure out what she does and does not like is, well, priceless. I look forward to seeing how this story turns out. Do keep us posted.


  2. I like colored contacts because there not PERMANENT like tattooing AND you can always change it BACK (take them out when you want to change)

  3. @Ms.--The eye exam was the only real expense so far--and she was overdue for that and I consider it to be just a typical medical expense. The doctor gave her a trial pairs of both violet and gray lenses to work with for a week. We go back on Friday to actually order pairs, but I think they go for about $30 for a box, which might last a couple of months. Sisi will pay for those out of her birthday money, as we agreed.

    Personally, I don't think this will last long. Contact lenses are work to keep clean, and uncomfortable, too. I suspect this is more about being allowed the freedom to try it-- like the purple hair-- than really liking the end result.

    @Kathleen--she's started to talk about PIERCINGS! Yuck! That one is a big "no" from me until she's both old enough to sign the consent forms and pay for it herself. Hopefully by then the mood will have passed!

  4. she's so cute, I honestly can't tell the difference.